As a charter member of the chapter, I am excited about the upcoming year! In speaking with colleagues and friends from various fields, the Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Psychologists (DFW ABPsi) is an appreciated and needed organization within our community. Regardless of your discipline, we believe you can find ways to be involved and contribute to our overall mission. Our vision is to increase awareness of mental health related concerns and to provide a bridge to helpful resources and education. In our reach, we focus on the Black community, given the disparities in mental health and health care access, with a specific focus on aligning our goals with additional marginalized groups. Our intent is to reduce stigma associated with seeking assistance for coping with stressors or severe mental health challenges by creating a space of acceptance and support for having the difficult conversations about overall health functioning. As a community, we are strengthened when we acknowledge our own short-comings and collectively work towards healing and uplift.

While our majority is comprised of practicing clinicians, DFW ABPsi welcomes members from various training backgrounds related to psychology and mental health. We seek to educate about cultural nuances in intervention implementation with a focus on ways to tailor our approach to communities that celebrate principles of African descent. In doing so, we embrace our vibrant expression of self and community which may be displayed through language, dress, music, food, or mannerisms. We wish to cultivate a professional development environment where all are welcome, regardless of background. In doing so, we invite you to network with one another and learn more about ways we can all provide support to the psychological, social, economic, and educational advancement of the larger community.

Mona A. Robbins, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
President, Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Psychologists